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With the mentorship programs at Fast Forward Workshops, you’ll get the tools you need to start your career. Even better, you’ll fast-track your career thanks to 100% guaranteed on-the-job training.

Apprenticeship based learning


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Our Goal

At Fast Forward Workshops, our goal is making sound design as well as engineering the ideal occupation. We offer our clients hands-on training and strategic partnerships that not only benefit them but our communities too.

Software Training

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Fast Forward Workshops offers up-to-date online, recorded, and in-person software training in Texas and beyond. We offer training programs that will make you and your team deliver more maximize their technical talents.

Build your skills

Even better, our software training courses are founded on the best technologies that are updated regularly. And as you advance in our gold-standard courses, you’ll become an expert in your field.

Here are some of our software training programs:

Pro Tools

Ableton Live



Remote Recording

With remote recording software, you’ll be able to capture high-definition recordings from any location. Also, you can record live performances outside your recording studios.

The remote recording professionals at Fast Forward Workshops provides expert training on diverse remote recording programs including:

Source Connect

Session Wire


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